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Angel 2 years ago
I love how he was so slow and careful with her but at the same time dominating
*READ*THIS* 1 year ago
It seems,the teacher needs taught b4 he teaches...
my ? 4 him:"have you ever had it in your ass?"
why keep telling her to push out?!that tenses up ass muscles & in-turn makes it painful.she needs to relax & be comfortable w/ him 2 feel enjoyment & + the "stinging"burning" shes feeling is from NOT HAVING ENOUGH LUBRICATION(not only on the outside but INSIDE!)
Drack 2 years ago
I am so sleepy watching this one.. zzzz..
2 years ago
She was raped
4 months ago
Worst video i've seen in a while
Where 11 months ago
Does she say stop
1 month ago
Yeah! Fuck her good. Take it you little whore, all the way in your tight ass. Yeah, cry, bitch. Love your pain. Fucking take it. Feel it deep in your rectum. Oh yeah!
Daddiespet21 1 year ago
I’ve met him and I’m tryna fuck but he doesn’t like plus size girls