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DrDisrespect 2 years ago
This is why I got banned from Twitch.
2 years ago
Anyone gonna ask how the FUCK that kid got her??
Dody 3 years ago
Thank you David Dobrik ️
3 years ago
I would have to kill my dad if he fuck my girl
3 years ago
this is messed up, I'd disown both of them
Huge balls small penis 3 years ago
Who tf doen voted this? Shit was good af man
JaneBeLikeMe 2 years ago
Why would he do that that lil boy is sexy af I'd not wanna see that
3 years ago
The actor who plays the father always gets me going.
Horny Honey 3 years ago
Daddy had to do it. The boy probably isn't big enough. Daddy's dick however, is perfection.
ㅤㅤㅤ 1 year ago
Damn..I didn't know Dr. Disrespect got new job