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3 years ago
Such a freaking Asian bad at math...foh
bruh 4 years ago
"Go wash it out; you won't get pregnant."
4566 IQ right there, ladies and gentlemen LUL
3 years ago
She looks like an Arizona tea can
YoMamma!! 3 years ago
Bro he called his sister on not being in school but he wasn’t there himself! Bruh...
4 years ago
Damn that shit's hot i came here twice
3 years ago
Having fucked my stepsis, she seems more unenthusiastic than mine was.
Math ez!!! 3 years ago
Look at the test paper looks like a grade 1 test hahaha
LMAO 3 years ago
10 dollars for a popciscle hahahaha
3 years ago
Perfect pussy
4 years ago
What is her name