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Ffs 5 years ago
Oh FFS ... her parents must be so proud lol. If your daughter sucks strangers cocks in dirty, stinking portaloos then it's a fair assumption that you failed as a parent.
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Saddest thing i ever saw
Bad decisions 3 years ago
She has nice hair
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What a slut
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White girls suck at sucking cock. I'd preferably be drained by a Latin woman then that piece of sheit
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It's amazes me that in just about every one of these videos, the girls never put the lid down. Must be a Tempe thing.
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Girls are only good yo suck dicks on this earth. Pouhahaha
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i wonder how you know where the porta potty is set up in AZ
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Some say she's still in that portajohn to this day swallowing loads..